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Booking Information




This information should answer all your questions regarding our concerts as well as giving you some back ground information on the team.


General Information.



·        Our concert fee is available upon application. Expenses are charged only in exceptional circumstances for example, if the distance travelled to the concert venue is excessive, the booking is for a professional organisation or there is a lengthy pre-concert rehearsal period.


·        We will also have CD’s for sale,  if you have any objection to us selling these items please let us know.


·        A full Inn Ringers concert usually consists of two 45 minute sessions with one interval of 15-20 minutes.

·        The Inn Ringers have an alternative concert programme which is a one hour performance without an interval. This option facilitates the inclusion of other artists/guests on the programme. (Please refer to notes on the team’s ‘set-up’ – they important points to note where there may be other performers involved).


·        We have a publicity board which you may wish to use to display at the venue to promote your concert a week or so prior to the event. The board carries details on the team as well as a range of photographs. It provides people who have never been to a handbell concert before with some idea of what to expect. The availability depends on the number of concerts we have at any given time and your location. In any event the board will be on display for the evening of the concert.


·        We transport the bells and all the equipment by car and trailer. Could you please arrange for us to park as close the venue as possible for unloading and reloading the trailer.


·        We require at least 30 minutes before a concert to unload all the bells and equipment and to set everything up for the concert. It will take us the same amount of time to pack everything away at the end of the concert.


·        Once the tables and bells have been set up they must remain in position for the duration of the concert.


·        The most important point of allwith the tables set up and the ringers standing behind them, we need a minimumarea of 22 feet by 12 feet. It is impossible for us to set the tables up in any other way in order to ring. Please make sure you take a tape measure and check you have sufficient space available for us to perform. It is very embarrassing to arrive at a venue only to find there is not enough space for us to set up a give a concert.


Please contact the team secretary for a booking form. Once we receive your completed booking form it will be given careful consideration, we need to ensure that every member of the team is available for the date of your concert. There is space on the form for you to provide us with analternative date – itwill speed up the process if you can provide us with a second date to consider.